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Vacuum Brazed Marble Blade (V-Slot) - Capstone Tool
Vacuum Brazed Marble Blade (V-Slot) - Capstone Tool

Vacuum Brazed Marble Blade (V-Slot)

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The vacuum brazed marble blade is a small size blade for clean and smooth cutting marble or similar materials. Its diamond segments is V-shape for the faster and aggressive cutting experience. This is a professional premium grade that can exceed your expectations.

  • Use: Wet or Dry
  • Machine: Angle grinder, Circular saw
  • Application: Marble, Porcelain/Tile, Granite
  • Tip: 3.5mm x 1mm (5"), 3mm x 1.5mm (6")
  • Arbor: 5/8"-7/8"
  • RPM: 12,000 (5"), 10,185 (6")
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